The Points Search for the nearest masjid, Add masjid coordinates with photos/names/addresses, Find masjid radius of 5 km from the user's position, Database of masjids from 34 countries (continues to grow), Constribute the input/entry of masjid data with the, it is certainly easier for our Muslim brothers and sisters to find mosques to worship.
InsyaaAllah, it will become a shodaqoh. Aamiin


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Application MyMasjid international Help you find MASJID when you SAFAR, Help all brothers find MASJIDs throughout the world.


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We are MASJID CARE COMMUNITY. Developed this application with the power of spirit. Background team : internet practitioners, application developers, teachers


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Search for the nearest masjid, Add masjid, Find masjid radius of 5 km from the user's position, Support database masjids in the world.


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This free application is used by anyone.
Application Mymasjid International include database Masjid in 34th more countries. Will always increase at any time assisted by volunteers from many countries.


The location of the mosque is very accurate. this makes it easy for you to find it correctly. thanks for the volunteers so helpful. I hope you will become a Jariyah Amal for you from Allah.

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It's easy to add mosque data in this application. supported by international server locations with good programming. Hopefully it can help you in your use.


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Alhamdulillah, easy find Masjid on my vacation.

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I Like this Application, work on my Android.. thanks.

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I got a mosque near my home in Norway..

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How to download the app?

Beta (2) version, base support android device. Wait for Apple devices development still progress.

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